Frequently asked questions. 

What Colours are available?  All Colorbond Colours are available for all roof profiles

Do you offer a Warranty?  Yes our manufacturer offers a 10 year  warranty

What is the Product made of?  Australian Made Blue Scope Steel with added powder coating on every seperation/cut

What does your service include? Inspect and clean your gutters and downpipes, Install our gutter guard, clean up any mess

Can I install gutter guard myself? Yes. Use 15mm tech screws, Impact driver with hex head, Ladder, Harness, Roofing silicone (on metal roof).

Does the gutter guard need maintenance?  Yes it does. Once a year is advised but depending on the area sometimes every 2nd year. 

How does the product look on a roof?  Our gutter guard has a professional finish, and the quality is well regarded in the building Industry

Is your gutter guard effective for water collection? Our product has the perfect blend of minimising debris yet allowing water to get through 

Is your product approved for fire rated areas?  Yes our product is made from non combustible steel.

Will your Gutter Guard keep Pests like Birds or possums out of my roof?  Yes as it is steel and on a tile roof has 50% under the tile stopping

vermin getting under it. There are plastic guards and Aluminium guards and then there's steel.